- Dedicated space.

 - Experienced Director

 - Positive, structured

 - 1:1 Tutoring as needed.

 - Accountable to parents



Our Philosophy

Parents know their children best.  

Our job is to help them prepare

their children for success in 

academics and life.   

 Our Tutors

 - Experienced professionals

 - Employees, not contractors.

 - Supervised by ASA Director. 

 - Accountable to parents/students 


The Plan

1. Parent/Student Interview

2. Assessment(s)/Diagnostics

3. Teacher input/guidance

4. Monitoring and reporting

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Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm.
​1. Math 
2. Reading Comprehension 
3. Essay Writing


 - Programming Logic

​ - JavaScript


 - EV3 Mindstorms

 - LEGO WeDo

 - S.T.E.M for 3rd-8th
 - UC Berkeley Engineering Student getting kids engaged in science and math. 



College Bound Academy (CBA)  is designed, not just to support high school students with their current academic needs, but to help them

  • think ahead,
  • plan ahead, and
  • get ahead.  

CBA views preparing for, and pursuing a post-secondary education as a PROJECT that requires formal research and planning.  We are assembling tools and experts to make sure our Academy Scholars are prepared for and achieve their college goals. 

Unique in Sacramento

 - Extraordinary Tutors     

  • W-2 employees
  • supervised by Director


 - ASA Director serves as

  • Parent Advocate
  • School Liaison

  360º ACADEMIC Analysis 

 - Academic Assessment

 - Factors outside of school

 - Self-Knowledge/Mastery

 - Long-Term Plan 

 - All subjects.  

 - All grade levels. ​

We will soon be announcing a complete educational planning and consulting program for our ASA families.  Stay tuned. 



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