After School Academy in Sacramento, California

AfterSchool Academy (ASA) helps parents prepare their children for success in academics and life.  Our Tutoring, Homework Help and other programs improve grades, study habits and learning satisfaction. 

ASA provides a customized learning environment for students seeking an edge: 

  • Tutoring by Credentialed Teachers for students in grades K-12,
  • Homework Help coordinates with classroom curricula and standards
  • Study and organizational skills: getting organized and building habits for success
  • Test preparation: test-taking skills, content review, confidence building exercises

What makes AfterSchool Academy different:

  • In-person assessment meeting with the classroom teacher,
  • Coordination and communication between 1) the classroom 2) home and 3) the Academy,
  • Customer Learning Plan for each student aligns with school expectations and standards,
  • No contracts. 

Custom Tutoring Program
We are different from most tutoring services or learning centers:

  • All our tutors have a CA Teaching Credential and classroom experience in the relevant subject,
  • All our tutors are supervised, W-2 employees of ASA, not independent contractors,
  • Each tutoring plan is aligned with the classroom teacher's requirements and curricula,
  • Our Director meets face-to-face with the student's teacher and continues communication and coordination. 

The program begins with a formal academic assessment of your child using the most respected resources and testing tools.  An interview with the parent and child and a discussion of goals and objectives follows.  Next, Salli Ford, the Academy Director, meets with the teacher for a face-to-face assessment.  Salli seeks to build a relationhip with the teacher for ongoing input, coordination and alignment with expectations and standards.  Throughout this process, the Academy' staff follows and updates a personal Custom Advancement Plan (CAP) tailored to your child’s needs. 

The Academy’s Advancement Program offers Decompression time, Homework Help, Mastering Core Subjects, and a session we call "Explore, Challenge, Learn" which includes structured, supervised use of the best technology (1:1 iPads for regular students) and proven educational apps and internet tools to help your child excel academically.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact

Salli Ford, Founder/Director at
(916) 426-2656

We look forward to serving your family!

"Salli and the whole team at AfterSchool Academy are excellent at what they do.  When my son needed the-one on-one attention of a tutor they came through.  Their staff really gets to know each student and parent personally, so they tailored their approach directly to my child's needs. I feel so fortunate to have found a tutoring center where my son can thrive and is excited to go to his sessions with his wonderful tutor!"
Alison, Parent of ASA student

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Salli Ford
Founder & Director
(916) 426-2656

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