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Our Philosophy

Parents know their children best.  

Our job is to help them prepare

their children for success in 

academics and life.   

 Our Tutors

 - Experienced professionals

 - Employees, not contractors.

 - Supervised by ASA Director. 

 - Accountable to parents/students 


The Plan

1. Parent/Student Interview

2. Assessment(s)/Diagnostics

3. Teacher input/guidance

4. Monitoring and reporting



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We are proud vendors to several area Charter Schools, serving homeschooling families in Sacramento.  Click to learn more. 

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We will soon be announcing a complete educational planning and consulting program for our ASA families.  Stay tuned. 

Unique in Sacramento

 - Extraordinary Tutors     

  • W-2 employees
  • supervised by Director


 - ASA Director serves as

  • Parent Advocate
  • School Liaison

  360º ACADEMIC Analysis 

 - Academic Assessment

 - Factors outside of school

 - Self-Knowledge/Mastery

 - Long-Term Plan 

 - All subjects.  

 - All grade levels. ​

 - Dedicated space.

 - Experienced Director

 - Positive, structured

 - 1:1 Tutoring as needed.

 - Accountable to parents


College Bound Academy (CBA)  is designed, not just to support high school students with their current academic needs, but to help them

  • think ahead,
  • plan ahead, and
  • get ahead.  

CBA views preparing for, and pursuing a post-secondary education as a PROJECT that requires formal research and planning.  We are assembling tools and experts to make sure our Academy Scholars are prepared for and achieve their college goals. 


Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm.
​1. Math 
2. Reading Comprehension 
3. Essay Writing


 - Programming Logic

​ - JavaScript


 - EV3 Mindstorms

 - LEGO WeDo

 - S.T.E.M for 3rd-8th
 - UC Berkeley Engineering Student getting kids engaged in science and math.